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Established in 2004, Mandarin House is a pioneer of the Chinese language industry. Set up to provide a more personal, flexible alternative to universities, Mandarin House was the first private Chinese school in China to develop its own structured, holistic curriculum based on the fundamental principle of providing real-life Chinese communication training. Once again, Mandarin House was also the first to do the same with junior courses offering China’s first summer camps and self-developed junior curriculum also focused on real-life Chinese.


Our managing director, Ms. Jasmine Bian was the first person to introduce to China the widely accepted operation model for group class programs seen in private schools across China today, for example one can see that the majority of China’s private schools share the same course start dates, 4 week levels and similar programs to Mandarin House.


Mandarin House is also leading the industry in terms of quality and international recognition. As China’s only school to be accredited by the International Association of Language Centres (IALC), Mandarin House has proven it has reached international quality standards for its curriculum, teaching staff, venue and operations. Moreover, the Mandarin House Shanghai School hosted the 2011 IALC workshop; China’s largest ever language abroad event, showcasing the school to nearly 300 language professionals worldwide to great praise and acclaim. Other recognitions include those by Bildungsurlaub (German governments) and CSN (Swedish government).


Mandarin House is also a former winner of our industry’s highest honour in receiving Study Travel Magazine’s ‘World Language Provider of the Year’ in 2009 and a shortlisted nominee every other year since 2008. This is in recognition of the outstanding service we have provided to our students and overseas referral network consisting of 100’s of cooperative partners.


Mandarin House’s students are split between local expatriates, employees of our corporate clients and overseas students that come specifically to China to study at our school. Each year, our schools in the city centres of Beijing and Shanghai as well as through our teacher network throughout China receive around 2,000 students from 50-70 nationalities. We have around 200 teachers, all trained at Mandarin House with a combined average teaching Chinese to foreigners experience of 5,000 hours.


Programs at Mandarin House include group classes for a minimum of 8 sub-levels of Chinese competency, private lessons, business Chinese, HSK preparation, work experience, junior summer camps, study tours and more. We also offer modern accommodation options and other living services to our students too.


Mandarin House has a separate Education Department for the publication and revision of our teaching materials and curriculum, teacher training and content development. They have been responsible in ensuring our curriculum has been brought into line with both the new HSK levels and European CEF levels.


Unlike other schools, Mandarin House also has a separate VIP department dedicated to servicing our 100+ company partners with their expatriate language training that include household names such as Unilever, Nike, GM and many, many more.


Looking to the future, Mandarin House is just beginning a stage of major expansion with new schools planned for Guangzhou and other cities in AND outside of China.



作为对外汉语教育行业的领先者和佼佼者,美和汉语(Mandarin House)开办于2004年,旨在提供个性化、多样性的对外汉语教学服务。美和汉语是国内为数不多的最早设立的专注于对外汉语教育的私立语言学校,以提供真实的中文语言交流环境为基础,建立并发展了独立自主的教学模式。另外,美和还为前来中国参加夏令营的海外青少年学生提供精彩纷呈的暑期汉语游学项目。

美和汉语的董事长卞佳女士(Ms. Jasmine Bian)是将广为国际推崇的小班晋级制教学体系介绍到中国的第一人,运用在对外汉语的教学领域,此种课程模式如今在国内得到普遍认同,并为大多数中文私立学校所借鉴采用。美和独特领先的课程模式主旨为四周晋级模式(即每四周完成1-12级对应的1个级别水平的汉语学习体系)。

在教学品质上,美和汉语也引领行业标准,并赢得广泛的国际认可。作为唯一通过IALC认证(International Association of Language Centres)的中国语言学校,美和汉语已用实力证明其课程体系、教师团队、校区规模和运营规范度完全达到了国际水准。另外,作为中国对外汉语领域重大的事件,美和汉语成功举办了2011年度IALC年会,向来自全球近300位语言行业专家展示了其实力,并获得了高度赞誉。美和汉语的品质还得到了来自德国政府、瑞典政府的认可。














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